Will Beeley

Highways & Heart Attacks

Tompkins Square TSQ 5593 LP
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Tompkins Square release the long awaited new album from WILL BEELEY - the acclaimed Texas singer-songwriter’s first new LP in four long decades. Highways & Heart Attacks is a remarkable return from a singer-songwriter whose work might well have been lost to dusty record crates and the secret annals of Americana musical history. But with Tompkins Square’s 2017 reissues of Beeley’s two stunning albums, 1971’s Gallivantin’ and 1979’s Passing Dream, the Texas-based troubadour finally earned the applause his distinctive songcraft long deserved, with Noisey praising his “deeply felt, little heard, folk music” and Paste noting, “With the re-release of these fine LPs, we can spend some time more fully appreciating them before (Beeley’s) very welcome return to the music world.”

Recorded at San Antonio’s Blue Cat Studios with producer Jerry David DeCicca (Chris Gantry, Ed Askew, Larry Jon Wilson), Grammy Award-winning engineer Joe Trevino (Flaco Jimenez, Los Lobos, Los Texmaniacs), and Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Stuart Sikes (Loretta Lynn, Cat Power, Phosphorescent), Highways & Heart Attacks sees Beeley backed by a combo of Americana all-stars that includes accordionist Michael Guerra (The Mavericks), guitarist Don Cento (Sarah Jaffee), bassist Canaan Faulkner (The Black Swans, Ed Askew), drummer Armando Aussenac (Neon Indian), organist Richard Martin, and Grammy Award-winning violinist Bobby Flores (Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm, Willie Nelson). Songs like “Been A Drifter” and “Don’t Rain On My Parade” are both wistful and warm-hearted, Beeley’s rough-hewn vocals the ideal vehicle for his one-of-a-kind tales of a road well traveled and a surprise ending hard earned.

Will Beeley: Highways & Heart Attacks

Been a Drifter Will Beeley 2' 59''
Jack Daniels Will Beeley 2' 51''
The Homeless Ain't Just Hobos Anymore Will Beeley 2' 35''
Don't Rain on My Parade Will Beeley 3' 02''
U.S. 85 Will Beeley 3' 23''
Help Me Face the Days Will Beeley 3' 23''
Taste of the Good Times Will Beeley 2' 22''
Singin' Lullabyes Will Beeley 2' 00''
It Didn't Feel Like Christmas (and it Sure as Hell Ain't New Years Yet) Will Beeley 5' 49''
Telling Stories Will Beeley 2' 53''

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