Will Guthrie

Some Nasty

Hasana Editions XIX-II
  • MC: Includes download, Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C30 NAC super-ferric cassette tape with recto/verso printed golden card. Made & duped in USA. Printed in Indonesia.
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The France-based Australian Will Guthrie might be one of the most exciting exponent from the latest generation of experimental percussionists. For this edition, the distinctive drummer rendered some materials from things he is currently working on—from cut up of field recordings to some challenging electronics amplifications and live improvisation passages, to several tussles with a couple of Indonesian percussions such as gamelan, saron and gong. All cooked into two sagacious sides of tape that mongrelized free jazz tradition with delicate electroacoustic style. Both sides remain untitled, enticing for some adventurous expectations.

Will Guthrie: Some Nasty

Side A Will Guthrie 13' 32''
Side B Will Guthrie 14' 19''

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