Epcot Starfields

Melodic MELO063CD
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“Although his music is timeless and graceful, 26-year-old Matthew Thomas Dillon is in thrall to modern American indie. The boy from Buckinghamshire treads the same ground as Mercury Rev and Arcade Fire, but his style is utterly his own. High, pained vocals curdle the cosy piano melodies that propel each song and shatter any idea of Dillon as a safe singer-songwriter.”
The Guardian****

Windmill: Epcot Starfields

Airsuit Windmill 3' 14''
Big Boom Windmill 3' 11''
IMAX Raceway Windmill 3' 10''
Ellen Save Our Energy Windmill 4' 41''
Epcot Slow Windmill 3' 58''
Epcotman Windmill 5' 56''
Photo Hemispheres Windmill 3' 48''
Shuttle Windmill 3' 57''
Sony Metropolis Stars Windmill 5' 11''
Spaceship Earth Windmill 3' 58''

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