Songs Of Shame

Woodsist WOODSIST 025 LP
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The fourth full length by Woods, Songs of Shame, rips deeper with both 90 second and 10 minute forays into skeletal psychedelia. This is not to say their idiosyncratic songwriting style & vocalizing is not present in spades but expanded, colored, and twisted into a tie-dye of soundscapes. Road worn, windblown, and deeply grooved. Full color matte jackets with printed inner sleeve.

Woods: Songs Of Shame

To Clean Woods 2' 18''
The Hold Woods 2' 42''
The Number Woods 2' 52''
September With Pete Woods 9' 42''
Down This Road Woods 1' 37''
Military Madness (Graham Nash) Woods 3' 13''
Born To Lose Woods 1' 00''
Echo Lake Woods 2' 02''
Rain On Woods 3' 30''
Gypsy Hand Woods 4' 26''
Where And What Are You Woods 1' 24''

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