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wunder (= miracle, wonder) is an outlet of label artist jörg follert, also known as saucer/wechsel garland.

hitherto as saucer he proves his talent for strange emotional songwriting. from dark and sinister moods he is now incarnating in a melancholical miraculous pop-moment. even though he keeps his addiction to malicious remarks. thereby wunder gains out of a long-winded musical repertoire - walking between jazz and protacted rhythms. in the combination of sung, played or interpretated passages with samples he creates his very own peculiar rooms. all together these rooms build up scenes to a wonderful movie, which will be an everlasting part of your memory.

Wunder: Wunder

Look Out For Yourself Wunder 3' 19''
Brazil Wunder 5' 02''
What I Know Wunder 4' 40''
How We Are Wunder 4' 49''
Noitz´s Kakao Wunder 3' 47''
Strings Of Clouds Wunder 3' 06''
Shall Have Wings Wunder 4' 42''
Jones Wunder 1' 43''
In Life Wunder 4' 03''

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