El Dorado LP

12th Isle ISLE003
  • LP: 2018 Repress
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Experimental cinema sonics, electroacoustic research practice and shadowy wind instruments come together to form this unique interpretation of the mythical city of gold. Utilising rare, half forgotten Soviet era synthesisers Vladimir Karpov creates immersive soundscapes under the name XYR. The Formanta mini keytar and the Alisa 1377 lend Karpov’s music strange, seldom heard atmospheres which the St. Petersburg native then combines with field recordings, toy percussion and wood flute to further build upon his utopian narratives.

Part concept album, part nod to Popol Vuh, his attempt to channel the thematics of the ancient tale of the Muisca people through his modest home studio left a lasting impression on us here at 12th Isle and we’re proud to present a selection of the tracks on vinyl for the very first time. Originally confined to just 25 cassette tapes, for this edition we have assembled some of the most inspiring tracks from the sessions as well as the bonus closing piece ‘Aguirre Song’. Immediately engaging, sincerely heartfelt and strikingly original, these are recordings we have returned to time and time again.

X.Y.R.: El Dorado LP

Lost City X.Y.R. 2' 00''
Conquistador X.Y.R. 1' 59''
Middle Of Nowhere X.Y.R. 2' 00''
Golden Haze X.Y.R. 2' 00''
Purple Sunset X.Y.R. 2' 00''
Aguirre Song X.Y.R. 1' 00''

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