The Sublime

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This third and final part of a trilogy (along with the previously released 'The Illuminated' and 'The Divine'), 'The Sublime' takes John Twells' sound into the sickly afterlife, and dives into our misplaced perceptions of heaven and hell. While its predecessor was made up of voices and bells, 'The Sublime' is an exercise in synthesis; with Twells' arsenal of analogue equipment pushed into overdrive, wheezing and heaving over the two extended pieces. These compositions could be labeled as 'ambient', but 'The Sublime' is ambience laced with a creeping torment and itching hedonism that is as impossible to ignore as it is dangerously inviting. Swooping synthetic pads and crunching textures don't ever distract from the fact that you are soaking up music that has been carefully considered to drag your mind into an dampened opium-laced torture chamber. Think early Aphex Twin or Kevin Drumm at his most restrained and you'll be half way there.

Xela: The Sublime

Lust & Paradise Xela 18' 18''
Eve's Riposte Xela 22' 33''

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