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Yoga's new Projektil EP comes only 3 years and 3 months after their sold-out debut EP Azur. In the meantime, they played only a handful of shows and mostly concentrated on other projects. Alex Roth performed under the name Tincan Folklore and started Videowelt and Noesy, Elias Hock drummed for Trucks, Fenster and Gurr, whilst Markus Kastrop went into compositional retreat. Projektil is self-recorded and mixed, it's DIY, it's a lo-fi inspired comeback that bridges their early oeuvre with a preview of what's to come. When will album be finished? - "Du weißt, wir haben Zeit."

Yoga: Projektil

Santa Monica Yoga 2' 30''
Ian MacKaye Yoga 3' 03''
Falsche Flagge Yoga 2' 13''
Weißes Rauschen Yoga 4' 34''

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