Yoshio Ojima

Une Collection Des Chaînons I+II

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For fans of ambient, experimental, environmental, minimalism, avant-garde, synth, field recordings, Midori Takada, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Satoshi Ashikawa, Yutaka Hirose, Vanity Records, sound design, architecture, the Metabolist movement, and spirals.

Reissue for both volumes of Yoshio Ojima’s superb environmental music project Une Collection des Chaînons I and II: Music For Spiral, originally released in 1988. The twenty track opus is sourced from original masters. Une Collection des Chaînons I and II gathers selected music pieces conceptualized and produced for sound-designing the Wacoal Art Center in Aoyama (Tokyo) also known as Spiral, a hub for a wide range of sophisticated cultural proposals spanning visual arts, theatre, music, design, fashion, and lifestyle.

Yoshio Ojima: Une Collection Des Chaînons I+II

Entrance Yoshio Ojima 58''
Esplanade (Live) Yoshio Ojima 58''
Evocations Yoshio Ojima 57''
Float On Yoshio Ojima 58''
Orientate Yoshio Ojima 57''
Glass Chattering Yoshio Ojima 58''
Pulse At Soothe Yoshio Ojima 58''
Entomology (Misfortune) Yoshio Ojima 55''
Signe (Ambient-mix) Yoshio Ojima 58''
Parjanya Yoshio Ojima 54''
Les Trois Graces Yoshio Ojima 57''
Entomology (Let's Go-Go) Yoshio Ojima 55''
Flius Yoshio Ojima 57''
Atrium Yoshio Ojima 57''
Mensis Yoshio Ojima 58''
Market Yoshio Ojima 59''
Serene Yoshio Ojima 50''
#1 (11-20) Yoshio Ojima 59''
Sealed Yoshio Ojima 57''
#4 (11-10) Yoshio Ojima 57''

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