• LP: Ltd. to 300 handnumbered copies, with insert, screenprinted wrap-around artwork on old vinyl sleeves
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In 2015, Cico Beck ( Joasihno, Aloa Input, the Notwist ) and Markus Acher ( the Notwist, Tied & Tickled Trio, Rayon ) started the project "You + Your D.Metal Friend" as a collective for improvisations and ideas apart from their other bands.

They will experiment with different settings and instrumentations and will collaborate with other artists for the music and the cover-artwork.

For "Sonnier", their first recordings, Cico and Markus started with percussion instruments from around the globe, analogue synthesizers and all kinds of acoustic and electronic devices to layer music that sounds like the memory of Gamelan, Italian library-records and minimal electronic experimentation... music, they listened to a lot before recording.

"Sonnier" will be available on vinyl (incl. download-code), limited to 300 for the world, and will not be repressed. Packaged in heavy-cardboard-LP-covers from second-hand records, they collected from their local record-stores with a screen-printed and numbered artwork glued on it. Designed by Richard Greenan from kit-records, London, and printed by Senor Burns (Red Can). Each cover is unique and hand numbered.

You + Your D. Metal Friend: Sonnier

Sonnier 1 You + Your D. Metal Friend 4' 31''
Sonnier 2 You + Your D. Metal Friend 6' 43''
Sonnier 3 You + Your D. Metal Friend 2' 20''
Sonnier 4 You + Your D. Metal Friend 6' 25''
Sonnier 5 You + Your D. Metal Friend 4' 31''
Sonnier 6 You + Your D. Metal Friend 3' 28''

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