Yves Tumor

Serpent Music

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The enigmatic Tennessee-raised, Turin-based Yves Tumor presents a poignant new album, recorded between Miami, Leipzig, Los Angeles and Berlin over the past three years.

Evolved from a diverse and prolific creative history under an expansive plethora of covert aliases via various forward-thinking labels, ‘Yves Tumor’ emerges as his most personal and matured incarnation to date.

With involvement across various artistic outlets expanding to fashion such as a visceral live performance for LA’s Hood By Air earlier this year, the global artist has built a distinctly bold personal aesthetic both musically and visually as a performer.

Painstakingly written from pieces developed upon since 2013, the new record, titled ‘Serpent Music’, was initially composed as a soul record – based around delicate and emotive songwriting in various forms. It was a highly difficult project to undertake on both a creative and personal level, weaving thematic links through paranoia, social anxiety, and missing loved ones. “The songs come from a much more emotional and very vulnerable place… They’re very close to me and I’ve been cautious of how I would eventually present them to the world.” he explains.

The album spans sonically diverse and richly-textured pieces, formed from live, organic instruments, samples and various field recordings. Dreamlike lo-fi psychedelia sits alongside broken electronic experimentations, ambient compositions between abrasive noise offer insight into a haunting otherworld. From melodic choral vocals and soaring synths, to screeching guitar riffs, dramatic spoken word samples and live drumming, ‘Serpent Music’ evidently moves through a strange and intriguing personal journey.

Yves Tumor: Serpent Music

Devout Yves Tumor 1' 21''
The Feeling When You Walk Away Yves Tumor 3' 00''
Dajjal Yves Tumor 2' 57''
Role In Creation Yves Tumor 2' 11''
Serpent I Yves Tumor 2' 51''
Serpent II Yves Tumor 3' 12''
Broke In (feat. Oxhy) Yves Tumor 4' 30''
Seed Yves Tumor 7' 18''
Spirit in Prison Yves Tumor 4' 06''
Cherish Yves Tumor 2' 52''
Face of A Demon Yves Tumor 1' 38''
Perdition Yves Tumor 8' 03''

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