Prophecies & Reversed Memories

Morr Music morr 093-10
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In conjunction with Múm's fifth album, Morr Music releases 'Prophecies & Reversed Memories': A 10inch, that contains one album track and two songs exclusive to this release. Three songs, which perfectly show the variety of Múm's music. Prophecies... is merely a naive and overly sweet chorus, that gets more and more euphoric in its repitition, while Amen Flutes turns out as an excentric and strange popsong once it has built up from a glorious mess of sound. At least Krippling shows the band's adult side - a heartwarming ballad: careful and fragile.

múm: Prophecies & Reversed Memories

Prophecies & Reversed Memories (Single Version) múm 4' 04''
Amen Flutes múm 4' 14''
Krippling múm 4' 45''

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