Kikimora Tapes KMT011
  • MC: dibigital bonus track: Only Be Liquid (Ibon's Puse Mix)
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Debut release from Snorre Sjønøst Henriksen & Sean Alexander-Cloud who form the Berlin duo xß. Assembly line flashbacks splattered with thrashy illbient and gabba on xanax. Boomy, resonant, and reduced skeletal hardware jams. Digital version includes a remix by Ibon who has just debuted on the Copenhagen label Ectotherm.

: Bleeder

Blue Liquid 9'14''
Battery Acid 7'14''
Pink Liquid 6'55''
Sweet Absorbtion Skills 12'31''
Rejuvenation 40''
OB Chill 7'20''
Only Be Liquid (Ibon's Puse MIx) 6'51''

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