Ford & Lopatin + Shannon Funchess + Tamaryn
Snakes / Flying Dream
Mexican Summer
MEX 100
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1Ford & Lopatin + Shannon Funchess – Snakes 3:55
2Ford & Lopatin + Tamaryn – Flying Dream 3:11

For their 100th release, Mexican Summer proudly present an extremely special one-off: two productions from Ford & Lopatin quite unlike anything heard from them to date, featuring guest appearances from label mates Tamaryn and Shannon Funchess.

In ‘Flying Dream’ gentle, filtered arpeggio pulses teem and bump up against long-form bursts of orchestral harmony. Between hanging moments of space featured vocalist Tamaryn draws us through the track’s thick layers with a hushed patience, choruses bolstered and split to ribbons by razors of emotional synthesized brass.

‘Snakes’ then unexpectedly contrasts this, beating its way out of the speakers as an erratic EBM sweat storm, rave riffs flashing in cycles over stripped down drum machines. Light Asylum’s Shannon Funchess contributes her incredible voice to the fray, grimly intoning and passionately decrying doom-laden promises before a melancholy finale.