Oppenheimer Analysis
Oppenheimer Analysis
Minimal Wave
2023 repress, 180g vinyl, 18x24 inch poster
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1The Devil's Dancers
2Cold War
3Men in White Coats

Eighteen years ago, Oppenheimer Analysis made its indelible mark with the iconic track ‘The Devil’s Dancers,’ heralding the birth of the Minimal Wave label. Founded with a singular mission, the label set out to share this musical gem with the world. The inaugural release was the self-titled Oppenheimer Analysis EP, meticulously pressed onto high-quality 180-gram black vinyl, accompanied by a striking 18” x 24” poster adorned with captivating photos and lyrics. This historic release graced the world on December 6th, 2005. Remarkably, this EP has been elusive for a decade now.

In an exciting development, the fifth edition of the Oppenheimer Analysis self-titled EP is set to debut in December 2023, featuring the original remastered version of ‘The Devil’s Dancers.’ This EP is presented as a loving tribute to Martin Lloyd (1950-2013 R.I.P.), one half of Oppenheimer Analysis. The EP showcases select tracks from the 1982 Oppenheimer Analysis cassette titled “New Mexico,” along with two previously unreleased gems. The story behind Oppenheimer Analysis began when Andy Oppenheimer, a nuclear weapons consultant, and Martin Lloyd, also known for his work with the Survival Label and the project “Analysis,” crossed paths at a Science Fiction Convention in London in 1979. They shared the stage with notable bands like Hawkwind and Spizz Energi and garnered attention in the pages of Melody Maker.

This fifth edition release consists of 999 meticulously hand-numbered 180-gram black vinyl copies, each accompanied by the first edition poster insert. Notably, the spot color on the sleeve distinguishes each edition: green for the first, deep blue-green for the second, light powder blue for the third, mint green for the fourth, and a brighter aqua mint for this current fifth edition.