Bex Burch
There is only love and fear
International Anthem
LP (orange)
140g vinyl, obi strip
140g vinyl, obi strip
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1Dawn blessings 4:50
2If I was you, I'd be doing exactly the same 2:00
3Dont' go back to sleep 2:42
4Fruit smoothie with peanut butter 1:24
5Pardieu 2:00
6Start before you're ready 2:00
7You thought you were free? 2:00
8"Joy is not meant to be a crumb" 2:00
9On falling 2:47
10Follow me, I make you happy 2:00
11This is the sound of one voice 2:00
12When love begins 2:00

Over 12 dream-like instrumental incantations, Bex Burch creates a delicate and elegiac atmosphere. The fluid sonic whole is woven together by the physical and spiritual resonance of her xylophone, and the autobiographical sounds she recorded in her journeys between. It’s a quintessential development of Burch’s self-described “messy minimalist” approach, recalling the ingenuity of Moondog, the open improvisational atmospheres of Carlos Niño, the obtuse arrangements of early Sun Ra Arkestra, and the neorealist aural storytelling of contemporaries like Claire Rousay, Jeremiah Chiu and Marta Sofia Honer.