Non Band
Vibration Army / Silence-High-Speed
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Edition of 300 copies, 48pp photo magazine
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1Vibration Army 3:59
2Silence-High-Speed 4:05

This unique and unconventional set combines a 7“ single with two yet unreleased songs by NON BAND and a photo magazine, both of which provide essential evidence of the tsunami-like tidal wave of the Japanese post punk movement.

The two featured songs VIBRATION ARMY and SILENCE-HIGH-SPEED perfectly capture the charismatic formative years of NON BAND, with their sound emerging as an entirely unique mix of driving punk veering from No Wave and Folk into raw post punk mutations.
Both songs were committed to tape in 1981 at the legendary facilities of Mod Studio, Tokyo, by engineer Yasushi Konichi when the band recorded their eponymous debut album which was issued via Tokyo‘s Telegraph Records back in 1982. Although both songs were miraculously omitted from the final album. Like all of Non Band recordings they have withstood the test of time thanks to their mix of direct, experimental yet disciplined rawness and studio magick.

The magazine features a text and a careful selection of photos from the vast archives of photographer Yuichi Jibiki, who was also the man behind the label Telegraph Records. Since 1978 Yuichi Jibiki was intimately involved with the early Japanese punk scene as their photographer, manager and organizer. He could be found very much in the midst of all NON BAND live shows between 79-82 as well as pulling the strings behind the scenes.

After the reissue edition of NON BAND‘s debut album via Stefan Schneider‘ TAL imprint in 2017 the label is excited to be able to offer another key release showcasing the creative peak of Japanese Post Punk.

Music by Non Band. Recorded by Yasushi Konishi in 1981 at Mod Studio, Tokyo.
Mastering by Detlef Funder at Paraschall, Düsseldorf 2022
Photographs by Yuchi Jibiki 1979-82