Roll The Dice & Various Artists
The New Black
Edition of 300 copies, incl. six 12" prints by Fabio Almeida
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1Roll The Dice & Pär Grindvik – Buried 4:56
2Roll The Dice & Alessandro Cortini – Hydra 6:02
3Roll The Dice & Glasser – Elevate 4:08
4Roll The Dice & Goran Kajfes – Sketches of Pain 3:51
5Roll The Dice & Sophia Loizou – Head Drop 4:35
6Roll The Dice & El Perro del Mar – Big Black 4:54

Peder Mannerfelt & Malcolm Pardon’s Roll The Dice highlight their probing collabs with everyone from Alessandro Cortini to Sophia Loizou, Pär Grindvik and El Perro del Mar on a new sub division of their label, The New Black.

Opening with the slow, brooding waltz of their hook-up with Pär Grindvik in ‘Buried’, the set sways thru a driving transition from krautrock to noise in ‘Hydra’ with Alessandro Cortini, and the supple dream-pop noir pulse of ‘Elevate’ starring Glasser, to take in a striking fusion of Goran Kafjes’ Lynchian sax with skittish BM-like blast beats and sizzling hi-hats in ’Sketches of Pain’, before they lift off on detuned Reese bass with ambient ‘ardcore catalyst Sophia Loizou on ‘Head Drop’, and come to rest in what sounds like Julee Cruise gone industrial, then R&B, in the anthemic pop send off ‘Big Black’ starring El Perro del Mar.

Oh and the vinyl comes with 6 beautiful vinyl sized prints - one for each track, with artwork by Fabio Almeida and art direction by Konst & Teknik.