Ssleeping DesiresS
Exile House
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1Angeline 3:10
2Black Maria 2:53
3Can You Hear Me? 2:38
4Dirt 3:32
5Snake 4:35
6Missing Person/Missing Person Theme 7:31
7Exile House 3:36
8Connection 4:09

Second full-length by Bay Area musician Gabriel Ramos; Inventive darkwave with a melancholic touch.

Five years after their self-titled debut Ssleeping Desiress returns with an outstanding second album Exile House. Tapping into melancholic darkwave via 1980s British post-punk guitar worship, delicious analogue synths and pulsating drums, the album unfolds like a soundtrack of city life with isolation, identity, and reconciling with one's past as central themes.

Over the course of eight tracks Sleeping Desiress showcase their ability to craft "dark pop songs” that sometimes twist and turn but ultimately weave their way into your head, determined to stay there. Ramos’s singular voice makes these songs shine even more, switching easily between slow introspective daydreams and upbeat anthems. Think: Glorious Din, Le Travo and... The Cure.