Appropriate Savagery
Inneterre, Reborn
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Oversized vinyl j-card w/ insert, edition of 80 copies
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1Fingers Crossed, Blank Page & Loaded Rifle 2:23
2Invisible, In Plain Sight (Part I-II) 6:01
3Just For A Few Hours (February 28, 2021 Overdose) 4:42
4See Them Flourish (Buried Ember) 2:40
5On Forever Barren Lands, We Shall Find Salvation Together 4:43
6This Curved Bronze Medallion On Her Salty Lips 4:38
7And Yet, You'll Hear The Nicest Things About Him 3:35

"The darkness does not lift but becomes yet heavier as I think how little we can hold in mind, how everything is constantly lapsing into oblivion with every extinguished life, how the world is, as it were, draining itself, in that the history of countless places and objects which themselves have no power of memory is never heard, never described or passed on."

― W.G. Sebald, Austerlitz

The album »Inneterre, Reborn« was written by French composer David Lacroix within a one year timespan.

The tile alludes to a particular nightmare he has been perpetually experiencing. Within this vivid dream, David continuously finds himself being diagnosed with a disease called 'Inneterre', (a word he claims, he has never heard prior to this), and which the medical staff in his dream claim is a disease akin to that of Alzheimer's, yet patients can be afflicted by it at a much younger age.

The root cause of this reoccurring nightmare, David believes, stem from his own recent struggle with memory loss. Each track thus, is a testimony of the hardships he’s endured during this stage of his life. Yet his recent search for solutions has begun to aid him divert these nightmares from further becoming a byproduct of his reality, besetting him with a new sense of resurgent determination, as he strives to retain his memories and make peace with his past.