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1Dunkelkammer 3:12
2Dunkelziffer 6:03
3Dunkeldoitschland 3:42
4Dunkelschunkel 6:42
5Dunkelzeit 4:14

DUNKELFELDER is another entry in DRNTTCKS‘ (pronounced [droʊn əˈtæks]) ongoing series of directly recorded live jams – after tapes on Hungary’s Beach Buddies, Austrian Feathered Coyote, german noise institution Grisaille and British Industrial Coast, they return to their home turf Otomatik Muziek for the label’s last release.

As all other entries in this series, DUNKELFELDER was improvised on the spot and recorded in one take. It's a very much loop-based duo improvisation around cassette voices, flittering tape-echoing guitar and very minimal synth structures. An interplay with very few ingedrients, always reassembling themselves into new amorphous forms - part ambiguity, part uncertainty, DRNTTCKS hit the sweet dark spot that gets lost in translation otherwise - circling around the blank spaces of things hard to communicate.

When assembling the session, news were that german nazi party AfD won yet another regional election, and tbh, things are getting more & more sinister around here. Maybe there is a cause & effect at work with more and more underground joints closing down and that far-right wind blowing through the empty streets. Places of disobedience, they disappear. So DUNKELFELDER is an attempt to manifest such a place. It will never be a soundtrack to activism, but always a noise in opposition, clearly antifascist, queered up working class drone. DRNTTCKS will never do a call to arms, but if they did, this might be as close as it can get. DUNKELFELDER is a direct look into the Deutsche Seele, into dark times (Dunkelzeit) and dark digits (Dunkelziffer). Fuck you, Dunkeldeutschland.