Lala &ce & Low Jack
Baiser Mortel
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1Goûter 1:26
2Rose 2:21
3Bulles 4:08
4Elle 2:28
5Intro Gelati 1:51
6Gelati 3:10
7June 3:27
8Aidée 3:40
9Debout 4:04
10Superficielle 3:15
11Prosonnieére 2:05
12Ètoiles 3:20
13Top 2:54

»Baiser Mortel« is the soundtrack of a performance commissioned by the Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection, performed in Paris in October 2021.

Collaboratively realized by composer and director Low Jack, composer and rapper Lala &ce, choreographer Cecilia Bengolea with costumes designed by Marine Serre and Oriana Bekka as creative director and co- director of the performance – merged ballet and urban folklore; sound art and soap opera.

A modern-day danse macabre, »Baiser Mortel« (trans. »The Kiss of Death«) cast Lala &ce in the title role. Unfolding over thirteen songs, the musical narrative follows Death as she navigates the realm of the living, and the encounters – desire, romance, spiritual awakening, and adventure – which validate the human experience.

“I brought in people who are close to me personally and musically in order to tell a story that speaks to humanity,” Lala &ce says in a video uploaded to Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection’s YouTube channel. Performers Jäde, Rad Cartier, BabySolo33, and Le Diouck joined Lala &ce on stage and in the booth at La Place – Centre Culturel Hip Hop in Paris, where the official soundtrack was recorded.

A sonic representation of the musical’s themes, »Baiser Mortel« the album – produced by Low Jack and written by Lala &ce with artwork by Pierre Debusschere – moves through the distorted strings of its opening track and gathers sonic and lyrical intensity on each successive song. »Lune,« the melancholically autotuned midpoint of the album, marks the beginning of the musical’s second act and sets the tone for its tragic resolution. Mechanical sounds mix with sonic influences spanning the Global South throughout the album, honoring both Low Jack and Lala &ce’s musical heritage and influences, while developing a new musical lexicon that defies comparison.

As a theatrical production, Baiser Mortel represents a departure for both artists. A veteran of Parisian subculture, Low Jack’s collaboration with Lala &ce represents a new model of artistic mentorship based not on age but on experience, with each artist leaving a distinct signature on the work.