Curd Duca
Wave 1
LP+CD Box Set
LP + CD with inlay, comes in silkscreened cardboard slipcase, which offers space for the upcoming LPs of this trilogy.
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1gong 0:34
2satori 0:55
3califonia 0:59
4babel 1:48
5oui 3:49
6formantor 1:31
7avant org 2:18
8berg 0:07
9touch 1:02
10supercussion 0:34
11DX7 angel 1:45
12cassette 0:29
13healing 1:02
14scr op 42 0:59
15git L9 1:55
16hedges a 0:46
17hedges b 1:10
18karuna 0:46
19cow 1:03
20marienbad 1:32
21click & schwell 0:33
22sonic island 2:34
23bird snap 0:09
24engelschor lo 0:45
25marina 1:40
26mingus 2:46
27liquid 0:51
28gone 1:13

Waves 1 is the first release of Curd Duca since the legendary Elevator series (1998-2000). Waves is an album trilogy. Waves 2 and 3 will be released on Magazine in 2021. The Box is intended for all three records of the series.

If we think of Curd Duca’s Waves in terms of sound, rather than in terms of form, each track on Waves is actually like the large, illuminated, richly decorated initial letter that introduces the narrative of so many medieval manuscripts. It is as if Duca was collecting extraordinary letters, opening up an alphabet of sounds, and developing a musical phonetics between adjacent terms. From gong to gone; bell to bells minus drone; dome to father.

The real beauty of Curd Duca’s cycle lies in the fact that it opens up differently from so many perspectives. That we can understand it as a collection of treasures, as a commentary on our acoustic environment, as an attempt to dissect the world and stylize its parts. Much like a printer's typesetting box, Duca proposes an inventory of everything that sounds. Some of the pieces are exaggerations. Some allusions. Others abstractions, parodies, and trans gurations. It is often not even clear whether the music is based on a recording or a synthetic sound. Is the nightjar real or is it a synthetic imitation? Did Duca really use brass and zither sounds or simulate them on the computer? The hermaphroditic nature between reality and arti ciality is a central aspect of Duca’s sound world.

There is only one thing you must not do with this music: trivialize it or underestimate it. With Waves, Duca is exploring the very essence of sound, and its possible meanings and contradictions.