Burn Down The Town
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strike_064 lp
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1Verborg Nie Die 6 0:32
2Ridin’ Dirty 4:32
3Kyoto Station 6 Pm 3:34
4313 Dumpsta Railin’ 4:03
5Trick Or Treat 4:31
6Aufschwung Ost 4:35
7Melodia Per Un Passerino 3:54
8Burn Both Of Us 3:24
9Busted In Da D 3:59
10En Duo Avec George W 3:25
11Bluehende Landschaften 4:23
12Warten Auf Die 6 1:36

The fact that Carsten Aermes aka Phon.o still has pole-position locked in with us should be no mystery to whoever heard his Mokkastübchen-EP, now three years old, but it smelled so good for so long. He has now finally busted ass and cooked up an album, which he very egoistically designed as the ideal disco mixtape. In the mean time Phon.o was busy touring all over reaping the fruits of international exposure whether in Detroit, Japan, or other obscure places where music is what counts. "Some of the sketches of these tracks are significantly older yet tested thoroughly live. This has its advantages in not making music that is dated," so hopes Phon.o. We're thankful that "Burn down the town" has properly become, in itself, no masturbatory self-experimentation. Phon.o aims nicely and bold into the open body of booty karaoke, in fact, with the help of his versatile taste inventory and speed. This is his own trademark and solidifies his role as a musical heavyweight and sexually confident Eastern German. If the hectic rammer-beats of ghetto-tech are more something for followers of ejaculatio praecox, then the rough stop 'n go patterns of Phon.o are more fit for pleasure-seekers of perverted lags. "Ridin’ Dirty" escalates with fitting leisure but comes from Phon.o's interest in sliding underneath as well as his tendency for broken repetition. "Kyoto Station at 6 PM" is definitely more exotic because Phon.o loves Japan with its ancient culture and delicious food, which is supposedly why his lovely cook is heard while her friendly phrases are chopped into contorted cartridge sounds. "Dumpsta Railin" plays in the crap-house of Detroit, and the title is no doubt an inspiring local term for sex between rich bored white "sluts" who want to be "raped" by black ghetto inhabitants in some dirty-ass ally.
"Trick or Treat" is Kevin ‘just don’t bust my bladder’ Blechdom's answer to 50Cent at the candy shop. This may already be a hit for Halloween, and this song should be mentioned in one breath with the foot stank of Usher, Timbaland and the Neptunes, whereas Kevin Blechdom's smells more like Missy Elliott and Destiny's Child. Four years ago an American named Kevin Blechdom moved to Berlin in order to study “German genitalia.” Funkstörung also contributed a remix for the EP of "Trick or Treat." The ear-stomper "Aufschwung Ost" was taken into the set for the sake of neurolinguistically programming, without words, his fellow kindred. On the other hand, "Melodia per un Passerino" reminds us of the 'garage dude' from the Mokkastübchen days: folk shrapnel in minor. "Burn both of us" comes with speech and stuttering singing from Gold Chains and Sue Cie and, according to his own notes, is sort of a remix with Mallorca appeal in its own soothing way. 'Hoes ova Broes' – these rhymes pull down the ghetto's underwear, and this is where "Busted in da D" comes from. The special turn in the track is thanks to Phon.o's surprising designation of words from the mouth of a 'white trash dude' named Sadik006 from Detroit.
Big surprise that the beast from San Francisco Kit Clayton himself puts his hands on a remix even though he vowed to never make music again. Clayton's remix appears together with the original on the b-side of the "Trick or Treat' EP edition. "En Duo avec George W." is a melancholic war ballad which was created two days after the onset of 'operation Iraqui freedom' for a live-set of Phon.o's with the lyrical accompaniment of a Swiss woman Noica Llanos and the American George W. Bush. "Blühende Landschaften" could be the reverse of "Aufschwung Ost." The 6 at beginning and end have to do with insider business that musicians in Berlin should leave to themselves.