Melting Bridge
We Come From Tomorrow
Evening Chants
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1Melting Bridge 融化橋 – 古箏故障 4:39
2Melting Bridge 融化橋 – 貴人後派對 3:24
3Melting Bridge 融化橋 – 我們從明天來 3:00
4Melting Bridge 融化橋 – Moon Eater 3:16
5Melting Bridge 融化橋 – 感官時光機 1:56
6Melting Bridge 融化橋 – Dinosaur Persona 4:11
7Melting Bridge 融化橋 – Teleport 3:09
8Melting Bridge 融化橋 – DB2D in this world 4:30
9Melting Bridge 融化橋 – Coral Amnesia 2:14

Melting Bridge 融化橋 is John Tucker and Pia Hsieh. With one half hailing from California, and the other, Taipei, this peculiar meeting of minds led to the forging of an incredible musical bond. A fresh and intricate exploration of the tension between tradition and modernity has amounted to an incredible 9-track full-length debut "我們從明天來" (We Come From Tomorrow), out on Evening Chants.

Melting Bridge 融化橋 have formed a unique set of sounds that is exuberant throughout the album - stemmed from their intensive experimentation with the countless possibilities of intertwining beautiful acoustic Eastern instruments such as the Guzheng, Suona, Dizi, with more modern digital tools such Environmental Sounds, Drum Machines, Prepared Electric Guitar and Synthesizers.