Carlo Giustini
Gli Spiriti Della Marca
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1Gli Spiriti Della Marca 15:20
2San Lazzaro Lontano 12:51
3Fortuna Ritorna 7:44
4Chiusi In Un Armadio 16:50

Words and poem by Carlo Giustini, Translated from Italian to English, March 29, 2020

“This album presents four meditations, four thoughts investigated during the Covid19 isolation at my home in Treviso. Not many musical instruments were used, as the entire release was recorded by applying rudimentary recording techniques, such as bleached tapes, a Tascam 424 as a mixer and some drone devices. An ode to spiritual survival, a poem to our most essential, primitive way of living. The fundamentals, they come back to life.”


Reality fell into a slumber, upon waking, it stumbled loudly.

The old, familiar voice of dust returned to sing.

These are days suspended in time, suspended in smoke.

A reverie, an acquainted painting, worn and creased by the whistle of our factories. We found ourselves confined in a thought, entombed in a home.

Traditions, the ancient ones, they still give us comfort. We urge for a return to a matriarchal society, fertile fields, isolated, yet full of vigour.

Like spectres we wander in our houses, indefinitely at ease.