Métron Records
2023 repress
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1Seto 1:54
2Ike 3:29
3Nami 3:56
4Sento [Pt.II] 3:00
5Kawanabe Kyosai [Pt.II] 4:08
6Chouchin 4:24
7Maboroshi 3:13
8Sento [Pt.I] 4:00
9Myo 1:46
10Kawanabe Kyosai [Pt.I] 8:44
11Shinkai 2:00
12Utano 4:15

Haunting and delicate, distant and timeless, Komachi is awash with white noise, complex field recordings and the hypnotic sounds of flowing water. Though confidently contemporary, like a bucolic J-Dilla, Komachi’s lineage can be traced back to the floating worlds of Ukiyo-e and Gagaku via the prism of 80s Japanese ambient pioneers, and 90s pastoral sample-based artists such as Susumu Yokota and Nobukazu Takemura.

Composed as individual sonic dioramas, each of the twelve tracks have been crafted to not only evoke feelings of nostalgia but to also explore the dichotomy of ancient and new in modern Japanese society. This pervasive narrative runs throughout, calling to mind the work of authors Yasunari Kawabata and Natsume Soseki, as well as the films of Yasujirō Ozu and Hayao Miyazaki, artists similarly fascinated by the reflective tranquillity that permeated traditional Japanese domestic life. Limited DMM pressing.