Anders P Jensen
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Two-part musical exploration by Danish musician and composer Anders P. Jensen, who has also been head of the compositional programme at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen for the last ten years. Heavily entangled in all aspects of music, APJ has a deep passion for electronic instruments with a long history. These are combined with various compositional strategies and techniques in an attempt to find new musical land. GAMUT is inspired by the John Cage piece "Six Melodies". A selection of harmonies is created, then combined by chance. Cage's idea was to leave functional harmony behind and go new places. For Urodela, Anders P. Jensen developed a program using the Cage uncertainty as a method combined with many different harmony-banks. RONDO started out as a traditional rondoform. The returning A part consists of a specific tone row that from a tonematrix can be heard in various directions and combinations (transposed, inversion, reversed etc.). This is complemented with other parts that are more texture based. Even though the album consists solely of a variety of electronic instruments and preparations, the intention is to create spheres, that are almost acoustic in texture, color and dynamics. Music that is constantly changing form.