Bruno Nicolai
Ltd. to 400 copies, 180g black vinyl, incl. Obi
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1Immaginativa 4:00
2Vocale 4:05
3Metodica 3:46
4Risolutiva 4:21
5Cicolare 3:17
6Riflessiva 3:51
7Simbolica 4:51
8Associativa 2:49
9Integrante 3:08

Originally released in 1972 for the sought after Gemelli imprint , Espressioni was credited to longtime Ennio Morricone partner and conspirator Bruno Nicolai, one of the most influential Italian composer in the heyday of film music and modern composition. The maestro Morricone shows his persona between the folds of the record as well, revealing a common sense for obscure leanings in the tradition of avant-garde jazz and classic contemporary. The many faces of the two composers are fully in charge through the 9 episodes of the release, such a chronological history akin to the common area of Italian psycho drama and cultish noir-exploitation short movies. Fascinating tough obscure, these austere compositions should be fitting ideally along your Gruppo D’ Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza or Egisto Macchi essential releases.

The Label: Loneos translates in passion for music, discovering is the main goal here. The future has been encripted through many releases in the past, the many ways of Loneos will reveal such authentic and exclusive jam, through passion and hard work. Library sound, obscure film score, cosmic folk and underground psychedelic masterpiece will gradually show up in our catalog, radically changing your idea of futuristic and inspirational music. Like Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search (LONEOS) we’re here to deep look into what is around us, being it close or far away, but sure to be discovered.