Asmus Tietchens & Terry Burrows
Watching The Burning Bride / Burning The Watching Bride
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1Bride 1
2Bride 2
3Bride 3
4Bride 4
5Bride 5
6Bride 6
7Bride 7
8Bride 8
9Bride 9
10Hallo Asmus
11Bride 10
12Bride 11
13Bride 12
14Bride 13
15Bride 14
16Bride 15
17Bride 16
18Bride 17
19Torso 1 (bonus track)
20Torso 2 (bonus track)
21Bride 18
22Bride 19
23Bride 20
24Bride 21
25Bride 22
26Bride 23

Long-awaited double cd reissue of the two Tietchens/Burrows collaborations which sound still remarkably fresh today.

Watching The Burning Bride was originally released on tTrry Burrows' label Hamster in 1986, while the second collaboration came out on Disaster Area in 1998. As usual the booklet reproduces the original lp sleeves and a lengthy text by Terry Burrows on how the collaboration between the two artists came about is also included. The release includes two short bonus tracks.