Adriaan de Roover
Voor Anderen
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 150 copies, handprinted silkscreen artwork
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1Voor Damiaan 5:36
2Voor Thomas 2.1 7:39
3Voor Thomas 2.2 3:04
4Voor Thomas 2.3 2:23
5Voor Thomas 15:04

After having released several albums under his Oaktree moniker, Adriaan de Roover decided to continue under his own name. New name, new music. Where Oaktree combined electronic music with neo-classical elements, his new direction is more centered around abstract, yet playful, sound design. His new EP continues in the same vein but offers a more minimal and quiet approach compared to his first full-length album Leaves which saw the light last year.

Voor anderen is a collection of commissioned pieces that were created in 2015-2018. They were made with the intention of being part of specific projects by Thomas Thai and Damiaan Jacobs. Despite the conceptual and fragmented origins of all the songs, Voor anderen offers a consistent set of 5 pieces depicting de Roovers capabilities of merging feelings of distance and proximity into melancholic sonic entities.

With this release we also welcome Maarten De Naeyer (Skrew Studio) to the label as a new in-house graphic designer. The artwork of Voor anderen is his first ever work for Dauw and can be considered as an important new step for us. Since its inception in 2014, the label exclusively relied on the work of in-house graphic artist Femke Strijbol which resulted in a strong and consistent set of releases throughout our first five years of existence. We wanted to capitalize on this acclaimed graphical label identity by opening our door for new designers. The welcoming of De Naeyer forms a new phase for the label. More than ever, Dauw wants to offer a home for musicians and graphic artists, encouraging their practices and engaging interactions between different art disciplines.

Adriaan de Roover brings moody, textural and enchanting electronic music. Adriaan just released his first full-length album in 2019 though his own imprint. Grainy soundscapes flow smoothly together with rippling breakbeats. Dystopian rhythms vanish into horizontal noise. An ancient procession in the dark, guided only by touch.

In the past years, de Roover played in different live setups at different places including Pukkelpop, Gent Jazz, Ancienne Belgique (artist in residence), Paradiso (NL), Effenaar (NL), Waking Life (PT), Stuk, Eurosonic, Museum M, Het Bos, Paradise City, Novus (UK) … The Antwerp based artist released music through PIAS and Fog Mountain (including a compilation featuring Fis and Roly Porter) and his own imprint: Leaves. His music gained support from BBC6, Klara, Studio Brussel, Clash, Groove, Ransom Note, Mary Anne Hobbs, Lefto, Bonobo...

Apart from that he has been working on sound for installations, dance performances and documentaries.