German Army
Passage Through Selk'nam Hain Ceremony
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1When It's Empty
2Stagger In True Form
3Territory In Name
4A Glitch In Reality
6A Reach Inside A Shared Experience
7After It Pays It Forward
8It Is No Surprise
9Attached To Wires
10A Tomb Called Home
11Stop Paying
12Impose Your Brilliant Belief
13Another Mainlander Staring At A Map
14An Empire That Hides In Plain Sight
15Suited For Every Mood
16More Assumptions On Life
17Sober Is A Mystery
18Adapating To A New Conclusion

Absolutely stunning 18 track 2xLP by the mysterious, cult West Coast outfit German Army. The prolific group once again explores the freaked out fringes of the electronic world where blown out beat experiments stand beside buried guitar twangs, synth drones, and rigged textures, conjuring images of barren landscapes from forgotten far away lands. This is an album that you need to sink your mind deep into.