Milan Knizak & Phaerentz & Opening Peformance Orchestra
It's Not Quite That Inventive (Sixty Years with Broken Music)
Sub Rosa
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1Broken Rebroken (2020) 45:45
2Milan Knizak – Broken Music Part I (1973) 28:06
3Milan Knizak – Broken Music Part II (1973) 31:52

The album, featuring Milan Knížák, Petr Ferenc and Opening Performance Orchestra, includes Knížák's 1973 private recording Broken Music, released as a multiple of forty copies by Armin Hundertmark in 1983 on Edition Hundertmark, and a live version of Broken Rebroken, performed in January 2020 at the Museum of Czech Music in Prague by Milan Knížák, Petr Ferenc (aka Phaerentz) and Opening Performance Orchestra.

The album comes with a comprehensive booklet that includes an interview with Milan Knížák on the topic of Broken Music, an extended essay by Petr Ferenc that originally appeared in Czech Music Quarterly, visual documentation from the archives of Maria Knížáková and Opening Performance Orchestra, as well as Anna Baštýřová’s photographic documentation from the 2020 performance of Broken Rebroken.

The cover of the album consists of photographs of Milan Knížák's now-defunct 1963 assemblage. Jaroslav Buzek created the digital variation of the assemblage and the graphic design. Mastered by Stephan Mathieu and Gabriel Séverin, who also made the audio restoration of the archival recording Broken Music.