Various Artists
All Welcome Volume 4
Good Morning Tapes
Edition of 300 copies
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1Shakali – For I am a Reflection of that Radiant Light 7:15
2Jonnine – I Won't Lift Another Finger 2:31
3Kiki Kudo (feat. Haruka Hirata) – Hzaruigara 4:55
4BC Geo (feat. Ja1da) – Testing the Waters 7:03
5Full Circle – A Definition of What 7:44
6Gi Gi – Opioid Rev 5:23
7Tapes – Indigo Tide 6:34
8E Ruscha V – Memory Leap 4:26

Featuring tracks by Jonnine (HTRK), Gi Gi, Rezzet’s Tapes, E Ruscha V, Kiki Kudo, Shakali, and others, this is the 4th entry in the »All Welcome« compilation series. Good Morning Tapes' global almanac speaks to the diversity of their bonds with the ambient and downbeat rhizome.

Jonnine's ‘I Won't Lift Another Finger’ once again transcends its surroundings, this time on an instrumental tip that sounds something like a drowsy Vini Reilly playing electric bass and wind-chimes. Tapes, aka Jackson Bailey, aka one half of Rezzet, also does his thing in typically memorable style, his ‘Indigo Tide’ managing to sound like an inversion of Mr Fingers ‘Can You Feel It’ x something lifted off RDJ’s ‘Analogue Bubblebath, while Kiki Kudo features with Haruka Hirata in tow for the spongiform ambient club sway of ‘Hzaruigara’ and E Ruscha V gives it slow mo Acid, Pye Corner Audio style, for his ‘Memory Leap’. Finally. Alexis Le Tan & Joakim’s slow trance duo Full Circle get it right with the pendulous Goa-learic satellite ‘A Definition of What’, and Gi Gi dial up the ‘90s breeziness on ‘Opioid Rev’, giving us blissed flashbacks to a diff, better time.