Eliane Radigue
11 Dec 1980
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1Chry-Ptus (11 Dec 1980)24:04
2Triptych I (11 Dec 1980)17:44
3Triptych II (11 Dec 1980)24:50
4Triptych III (11 Dec 1980)19:53

11 Dec 80 is a two CD set containing Eliane Radigue's live performance of Chry-Ptus (1971), her first work for modular synthesizer, and the world premier of parts one and three of Triptych (1978). Triptych part 2 is also performed. Upon hearing these performances for the first time in many years Radigue declared them to be the best versions she'd ever heard.

Radigue's sublime renderings of these major pieces are full of illusory stasis, slow change and dense, slow motion drone that has characterized her pioneering electronic work. These pieces move like a river with currents shifting beneath the surface. While you can't quite distinguish the individual components you get a clear feeling of motion and change.