Tropa Macaca
Animais Sintéticos EP
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1Animais sinteticos

The new record by Tropa Macaca brings together two pieces, which were previously presented in an exhibition context, at gnration in Braga and at PADA in Barreiro, in the years 2022 and 2020, respectively. Both exhibitions, which took the title of the pieces, presented themselves as immersive installations that allied music to Joana da Conceição's paintings and videos. These two exhibitions are different pacts between the audible and the visible, and of both with the world.

Here are the texts that accompanied the exhibitions, as well as links to visual report. Animais Sintéticos, gnration, Braga, 2022 The exhibition Animais Sintéticos exists like a landscape, the kind we remember when we are not there, alive, but suspended inside us. Enigmatic for us who created them, they accompany us, and if we imagine that one day they had a beginning, an original referent outside of us, the time they have already spent with us forces us to doubt that this is so. Time has uprooted them, torn them from that place. We look closer, we reflect, we examine, we meditate, and when, as in a quantum leap, we originate what becomes there, we believe that it has always been there, that we have crossed the glass, that we have come close to the mystery. It is a landscape like this that is offered in this exhibition. One of those that say more about us than about the world, at a time when we already know what we already felt, that we are not the world. An exercise in quantum paleontology, where the painting, the music, and the moving image are echoes of this place we inhabit, between promise and ruin. A confrontation, in the form of an elegy, in search of reconciliation.