Musiques Pour Garçons Et Filles + Inédits
SouffleContinu Records
Brownboard sleeve, 180g vinyl, 8-page booklet
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11Laissez-nous rentrer dans vos coeurs 1:34
2Tina 3:57
3L'homme au grand chapeau 1:11
4Une vie moderne 3:07
5French kiss 0:38
6Telstar 2:30
7Zazou sur la piste 2:39
8La ballade des cardiaques 4:57
21La noosphere, la noosphere 4:34
2Rue Merlan 0:58
3Le retour de l'homme au grand chapeau 1:07
4Anyhow for the tennis 1:23
5En hommage a pop corn 1:32
6Les ergs n°1, 2, 3 et 4 4:31
7Outpop 3:55
8Drone E. M. 3:07
9Tina blues 2:06
10Telstar jungle 2:21
11Zazou sur la piste 3:19
12Sequences S.I.R. 2:36
13Night tonight 3:26
14Love in loops 1:46
15Some never fired 3:16
16The gause mask serves a purpose 2:28

After the experience of Camizole, Dominique Grimaud began a new (and different) adventure in 1979 with Monique Alba. Alongside Gilbert Artman (Urban Sax), Guigou Chenevier (Etron Fou Leloublan), Jean-Pierre Grasset (Verto) and Cyril Lefebvre (Maajun), Vidéo-Aventures is composed of instrumentals capable of reconciliating Captain Beefheart, Henry Cow, Suicide and... John Barry. All with the backing of Rock In Opposition, which enabled this Musiques pour garçons et filles to become known worldwide.

“Let us enter your hearts”: is the request made by Vidéo-Aventures, and how can we refuse? Especially as Musiques pour garçons et filles, recorded by Dominique Grimaud and Monique Alba fifty years ago along with handpicked colleagues, is as fresh as ever.

1979: having improvised a huge amount (and how!) with Camizole, Grimaud tried his hand at composition and studio recording with Alba. Their first instrument was the AKS synthetiser, with which the duo recorded the instrumental tracks that were then offered to their comrades Guigou Chenevier (Etron Fou Leloublan), Gilbert Artman (Lard Free, Urban Sax), Jean-Pierre Grasset (Verto) and Cyril Lefebvre (Maajun).

At the end of the year, they all came into the studio for a week to record the eight tracks of this mini- album that Chris Cutler would issue a few months later on his label, Recommended. In France it was the beginning of the agitation around Rock In Opposition, to such a point that Musiques pour Garçons et Filles would rise to second place in the NME independent Charts. And this is hardly surprising...

For these instrumental miniatures (here with the bonus of rare archives, some of which are previously unpublished) are uncontrollable: electronics augmented by lap-steel guitar (“Tina”), cunning pop (“Zazou sur la piste”), mechanic sound (“Une vie modern”), street piano (« French Kiss »), disturbing atmospheres (“La ballade des cardiaques”) or something like a TV theme tune capable of adjusting all the colours (“Telstar”)... With such promising ingredients, why stop Vidéo-Aventures from entering?