Bing & Ruth
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1Body in a Room
2Badwater Psalm
3I Had No Dream
4Blood Harmony
5Live Forever
6The Pressure of this Water

By Bing & Ruth standards, the project’s new LP Species is a pared-back affair. Whereas previous releases from David Moore’s group have been written for ensembles of up to eleven people, Species largely centres around Moore’s exploration of the Farfisa organ, with gentle contributions from clarinettist Jeremy Viner and bassist Jeff Ratner entering at points to provide additional gravitas.

However, despite the relatively small amount of bodies and instruments here, Species is still full of life. Tracks such as ‘Body In A Room’ and ‘The Pressure Of This Water’ are as vibrant as anything else in the Bing & Ruth catalogue. On these tracks, Moore utilises both the unerring drones of the Farfisa and the way that its tones can be used to create shimmering interlocking patterns. The results are reminiscent of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. ‘Badwater Psalm’ has a similar flow about it, though this track also introduces a more contemplative air into proceedings that is run with on ‘Live Forever’ - enveloping a gorgeous plume of harmony that stretches out for thirteen minutes.

There is rhythmic thrust to all of the aforementioned tracks, but Species also leans into more abstract tones on ‘Blood Harmony’ and ‘Nearer’. Rather than letting the Farfisa ring out sonorously on these cuts, the organ is instead faded in and out to create an effect like waves lapping against a shore.

Bing & Ruth’s Species is another masterful fusion of ambient and minimalist techniques from David Moore and his players.