Spacemen 3
Forged Prescriptions
Space Age Recordings
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1Things'll Never Be The Same 5:54
2Walking With Jesus 5:12
3Come Down Easy (demo version)6:02
4Transparent Radiation 4:12
5Ode To Street Hassle 4:45
6Call The Doctor 4:12
7Ecstacy Symphony 9:06
8Feel So Good 5:28
9Soul 1 5:44
10Transparent Radiation 7:53
11Come Down Easy 6:43
12Walking With Jesus (demo version)3:57
13Things'll Never Be The Same (demo version)5:54
14We Sell Soul 4:56
15Starship (demo version)5:02
16Take Me To The Other Side (demo version)3:49
17Velvet Jam 4:46
18I Want You Right Now 6:10

»Forged Prescriptions« is a double album by Spacemen 3, originally released in 2003 on CD. The album was given a new lease of life with a remastered double CD released in 2018.n20 years after the creation of this incredible double album, Space Age Recordings are proud to present »Forged Prescriptions« on vinyl.