Various Artists
Fred Ventura Presents Milano Undiscovered 2023
Modern Italo Disco, Synth Pop & House Experiments From Milan’s Underground
Spittle Records
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1Livio Fogli – Il Vuoto
2Ital Oscillazioni – Nuove Corde
3Atelier Folie – Planet X
4Italoconnection – Exil (Prequel Sessions mix) (Prequel Sessions mix)
5Vinavil – The 2nd
6Love Nation – Make It Right
7S-Tone Inc – No Meio Do Samba (S-Tone Deep remix instrumental) (S-Tone Deep remix instrumental)
8Through Twelve – This Love (feat Fred Ventura - mono Han remix 2) (feat Fred Ventura - mono Han remix 2)
9Straight Beat – Argumenting
10Soul Boy – B Side

Hot on the heels of the first influential volume - Milano Undiscovered 1982-1986 – here’s the uncommon sophomore release. The city of Borsa and fashion has been always struggling for an underground identity, collecting a series of rough contaminations between post-punk and dance music. The new compilation is undoubtedly a step forward, a second chance for many of the early artists involved. Altogether with some illustrious emerging names of the local electronic scene, here’s a definitive collection of contemporary Italo disco and synth pop tracks from the future past.