Finlay Shakespeare
Editions Mego
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1Routine 5:10
2Perris (Netflix Docudrama Version)6:29

Snapshot release by a new Editions Mego signing, the Bristol based one man machine, Finlay Shakespeare.

Routine is a twitchy electro monster confronting the listener with a worked up a blend of AFX, Cabaret Voltaire and New Order. Routine is damming slight on the soulless electronic age in which Finlay spits a curse on the mundane repetition of existence over the top of a wild unfurling techno pop banger. The B-Side Perris propels itself as a crazed analogue drama that is as ambitious as it is unholy. Simultaneously a modern throwback to the brooding synth pop age and concurrently an absolute belter in the contemporary mainframe.

Finlay Shakespeare has made it quite clear, that he is here.

An alternate version of Perris will appear on the new album to be released in early 2019.