Piano Chain / The Garden Of Sinus
Marmo Music
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1Piano Chain 5:45
2The Garden Of Sinus 5:52

While Modus' Adderf Arreug 12” (Marmo003) simulated aerospace fluctuation and Vatican schizophrenia, this two-tracker takes a more pictorial, Romantic angle, reminding William Turner`s painting or a mystic vision by W. Blake.

“Piano Chain” advances slowly, with full-bodied drums, creeping hats and a steady bell. The industrial afro-groove soon becomes distinctively “Modus” as the classical music inspired harmonics enter the plot. The piano side-chain lifts the track from a dusty jungle of wires to the sublime sky level, stealing the scene like a thunder on a late Summer storm.

Flipping side, “The Garden Of Sinus” welcomes the listener into an organic and sensual environment, where ethno-futuristic drum patterns pair up with the call of cicadas. From an apparent state of delight and ease, swirling synth waves gradually surface, growing in volume and density, blurring the senses and swallowing everything nearby before releasing the all into space.