Some Beautiful Species Left
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1Exek – Hobbyist 7:22
2Exek – Lobbyist 5:04
3Exek – Commercial Fishing 2:54
4Exek – Iron Efficiency 3:16
5Exek – Plastic Sword's Retractable 4:26
6Exek – Some Background 1:26
7Exek – Unetiquetted 4:54
8Exek – How the Curve Helps 8:11

From Melbourne Australia, EXEK are proud to unveil their third album, Some Beautiful Species Left. Like their previous releases, Some Beautiful Species Left is the cultivation of numerous edits and overdubs, where once again EXEK subscribe to Brian Eno’s philosophy of the studio as an instrument. This MO allows the songwriting process to develop simultaneously alongside the recording process whilst privileging greater sonic control. The result is a record difficult to pigeonhole but post punk is perhaps the easiest way to categories EXEK’s music—post modern and containing the defiance inherent within punk whilst incorporating elements of dub production, classical arrangements, hip hop and krautrock rhythms and the use of kitchen appliances as instruments.