Tape Loop Orchestra
Liminal Lungs
Tape Loop Orchestra
Edition of 300 copies
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Choral smoke from the Tape Loop Orchestra, here shedding the blissed drone energies of his best known material in favour of a more lucid expression of ideas constructed almost entirely from the human voice and bass pulses. »Liminal Lungs« finds Andrew Hargreaves shedding his pedals and effects in favour of a more sober take on fizzing bliss, using a palette of sung notes re-shaped into a virtual choir and fed almost imperceptibly thru his tape loop matrix.

The results call to mind aspects of Akira Rabelais’ work with processed sound echoes as much as Luc Ferrari’s concrète abstractions or Alvin Lucier’s room recordings, ushering and inhabiting the liminal space of the title with an exceedingly subtle grasp of mysteriousness as the work’s spatial qualities come into play. As it goes on, Hargreaves creates a growing sense of displacement from the original recordings with bass pulses that reverberate the synthesised space, probing the grey area between perception and reality, conjuring an event the listener can’t be sure ever really took place.