Phil Struck
Der Ferne
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1Der Ferne 5:45
2Lehm, Schluff, Ton 8:15
3Junger Roggen 3:32
4Das ist der Abend 3:42
5Mond über Flur 4:59
6Igelinski 4:41
7Schweifen lassen 4:07
8Pappeln im Wind 2:37
9Blau und Unverhofft 5:12

On 'Der Ferne', Phil Struck intricately weaves an abstract tapestry of textures, incorporating elements reminiscent of Hassellian-like sounds and multi-textured dubby soundscapes, a testament to the musician's getaways from urban life, journeying in the heart of nature. The music's warm and concise amalgamation of audio fragments lends it an ineffable quality, evoking hazy, sun-drenched memories, while the radiating reminiscences of the natural world invite contemplation of its true essence, remaining captivating for the discerning listener. What enigmatic experiences await discovery, and should the extraordinary always overshadow the ordinary?

"Der Ferne im Nahen. Der Ferne jenseits der Stadt. Der Ferne und den Dingen, die sich einem dort zeigen.“

"Der Ferne" stands as the fourth album by ambient and experimental artist Phil Struck, hailing from Kiel, Germany.