Kyle Bobby Dunn
Bring Me The Head Of Kyle Bobby Dunn
Low Company
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Glossy triple gatefold sleeve
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1Canticle of Votier's Flats 1:59
2La Chanson de Beurrage 14:37
3Ending of All Odds 4:45
4Douglas Glen Theme 12:00
5An Evening With Dusty 8:10
6The Hungover 12:13
7Diamond Cove (And Its Children Were Watching) 3:52
8The Troubles with Trés Belles 5:56
9Innisfail (Rivers of My Fathers) 7:37
10The Calm Idiots of Yesterday 10:48
11Parkland 10:39
12Completia Terrace 6:15
13In Search of a Poetic Whole 7:41
14Kotylak 8:21
15Moitié Et Moitié 6:00

Bring Me The Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn is a full length triple vinyl reissue of the original 2012 double CD album from Canadian composer Kyle Bobby Dunn. It was recorded at Bunce Cake studios in Brooklyn and remote parts of Ontario. The compositions are mostly long, slowly evolving minimal ambient and drone based works created from electric guitar processing.

Perhaps more cinematic than previous albums, some pieces have since appeared in BBC documentaries and independent films over the years since its release. The original recordings on this Diggers Factory vinyl edition, however, have been remastered and practically rebuilt from the fog of their initial masters which have often been considered the composer's most quiet and even translucent works. Iranian composers and engineers, Milad Bagheri and Maryam Sirvan have brought out a certain clarity and freshness to the music and Dunn has considered it an almost completely different listening experience from the originals.

The album was critically praised and became a favourite of most fans and even after several subsequent albums later it remains a favourite and of the composer's as well.