Cruz Perro Maldito
Truquetín Resorte
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1Foliot 1:40
2Corona de Remontuar 2:15
3Rattrapante 2:01
4Áncora 4:05
5Guilloche 3:11
6Tourbillon 1:43
7Carruré 2:36
8Fuseé 3:07
9Trinquete 2:28
10No Sonne 3:35

Debut vinyl by Cruz Perro Maldito, a Tenerife based trio forever imbued in the collective imagination of the magical mountain of Agua García, located in Tacoronte district (Tenerife/Canary Islands). Their music is an explosion of free improv, rabid swooshing sounds and intricate noise emerging through a process of pure creation without pre-established patterns.

Their vinyl debut LP, presented here as Truquetin Resorte, takes inspiration from the rich history of mechanical automata, such as Talos, the bronze giant who defended the island of Crete and was eventually defeated by Jason and his Argonauts - or Apega de Nabis, a machine in the shape of a beautiful woman dressed in lavish clothes whilst the device's lower arms, hands and breasts were covered in iron spikes capable of crushing its victims. Or René Descartes and his infamous daughter-like Automaton creation also looming heavily over the album’s range of conceptual influences.

An infinity of myths and stories around mechanical beings with vital forms that have been with us since long before our current modern digital world and its A.I.s.

Cruz Perro Maldito are Ricardo Marichal: Tenor Saxophone Carlos Pérez: Drums, Objects and electronics David Paredes: Guitar and Modular Synth