Miaux, Lieven Martens
Katharina AW: the Pels organ and Hemony carillon of Hoogstraten
Recording of the unveiling of an artwork by Joris Martens
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11Miaux – 22h44 5:45
2Miaux – Bal(l)ade Bucolique 4:47
3Miaux – Midnight Snack 2:13
4Miaux – Rêverie Parallèle 5:02
5Miaux – And The Nose 4:12
6Miaux – Ice Cream 5:12
7Miaux – Lunar Surface 3:59
8Miaux – Stare 2:24
9Miaux – Improvisatie 2:25
10Miaux – Nebulus 4:11
21Lieven Martens – The Bird Sings, Variations I 6:43
2Lieven Martens – The Bird Sings, Variations II 9:18
3Lieven Martens – The Bird Sings, Variations III 7:45
4Lieven Martens – The Bird Sings, Variations IV 8:16

Recordings + booklet of the unveiling of »Katharina AW«, a relational artwork by Joris Martens. The unveiling event took place at St. Catharine’s Church in Hoogstraten - a city in the northeast of Belgium - on two Saturdays in May 2021.

While beholding the artwork, a woven tapestry, you listen to organ music by Miaux. Outside the church, you hear the carillon gurgle with music by Lieven Martens and town carillonneur Luc Dockx, prolonging the event into the public space.

Joris Martens created »Katharina AW« for the city hall of Hoogstraten. The tapestry now serves as an informal conversation starter in the conference room. Joris Martens is a multi-disciplinary artist and works in the field where applied arts and fine arts meet.

Miaux played her own compositions on the church organ. The songs appeared on the albums Black Space White Cloud, Hideaway, Dive and Gigi - released by Ultra Eczema, Lal Lal Lal, and Alien Passengers - and were originally written for electronic keyboard. Mia demonstrates that the church organ, which is normally used as an underscore for sadness or compelling thoughts, is a fitting instrument of connection. Through its resonance, we communicate our sounds.

Lieven Martens invented sketches for the carillon—by loading bird sounds into the computer program Melodyne, varying them and converting them to musical notes. As a nod to the religion crazy Olivier Messiaen, who considered the birds to be God’s chosen singers and songstresses. The trifles were translated on the carillon by town carillonneur Luc Dockx. The playing comes into and out of focus. In this way, Lieven creates a dreamscape and breaks with the dreary carillon as an instrument of power.

Luc Dockx studied church music at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven and the carillon at the Royal Carillon School in Mechelen. He is the city carillonneur of Hoogstraten since 2002. Dockx is an active practitioner of the art of improvisation on the carillon.