Santos Silva / Zetterberg / Lindwall
Hi! Who are you?
Expanded Edition
Matière Mémoire
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1Do You Have A Charger? 4:34
2The Watcher 6:12
3Time Being 4:13
4It’s Changing All The Time 3:48
5Your Opinion 3:19
6Electricity 5:34
7Or The Other Side Of The Mirror 6:00
8The Other Moon 3:44
9No Other Than You 4:09
10My Opinion 3:54
11Concrete (Unreleased Bonus Track)3:39
12Electricity (Alternate Take Bonus Track)5:07

Cassette reissue of the 2019 LP »Hi, who are you?«. The trio Susana Santos Silva / Torbjörn Zetterberg / Hampus Lindwall emerged in 2015 with their first album, which was received with critical acclaim. The unique conceptual approach to composition & improvisation rooted in both free jazz and contemporary classical music. On »Hi, who are you?«, they have taken the musical creation a step further by adding live electronics for real time sound treatment. Different techniques from experimental electronic music is juxtaposed with simple use of electric guitar effects to obtain tight and highly emotional sound.

Susana Santos Silva - trumpet Torbjörn Zetterberg - double bass, and electric noise on track 5 and 10 Hampus Lindwall - pipe organ and live electronics