Dan Deacon
Mystic Familar
Domino Records
LP (color)
WIGLP419X / Includes Download Code
silver vinyl, printed inner
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1Become a Mountain
3Sat By A Tree
4Arp I Wide Eyed
5Arp II Float Away
6Arp III Far From Shore
7Arp IV Any Moment
8Weeping Birch
9Fell Into the Ocean
10My Friend
11Bumble Bee Crown King

Dan Deacon’s most emotionally open and transcendent record, Mystic Familiar’s 11 kaleidoscopic tracks of majestic synth-pop exponentially expand his sound with unfettered imagination and newfound vulnerability. It’s the first album where Deacon presents his natural singing voice, unprocessed and with only minimal accompaniment; a vulnerable shift in a songbook abundant with characters, metaphors, and distorted vocals.